12ml x 240 Bottles - Starter Pack - Talisman Perfume Oils®

12ml x 240 Bottles - Starter Pack

Talisman Perfume Oils®
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Talisman Perfume Oils® Starter Pack comes in :


  • ( 240 ) X 12ml Luxury designed Crystal glass roll on bottles or with sticks.
  • ( 240 ) Bottles Can be mixed ( Men , Women & Oriental Fragrances ) 
  • ( 240 ) Bottles Can be for ( Men ) Or ( Women ) Or ( Oriental ) ONLY.

( 240 ) Bottles Must be :  Choose from option ( A ) or ( B ) : 

( A ) 
  • ( 12 ) X Different Chosen Fragrance of your choice ,
  • From each Chosen Fragrance you get ( 20 ) Bottles ,
  • ( 20 )  X ( 12 )  = ( 240 ) Bottles in Total.

( B ) 

  • ( 24 ) X Different Chosen Fragrance of your choice ,
  • From each Chosen Fragrance you get ( 10 ) Bottles ,
  • ( 10 )  X ( 24 )  = ( 240 ) Bottles in Total.




  • If you send ( 12 ) X Chosen Fragrances , You will get ( 20 ) Bottles of each Chosen Fragrance with total of ( 240 ) Bottles.
  • If you send ( 24 ) X Chosen Fragrances , You will get ( 10 ) Bottles of each Chosen Fragrance with total of ( 240 ) Bottles.


  • Kindly email us your ( 12 OR 24 ) Chosen Fragrance List ( HERE ) , we will also be contacting you for an advice in what can be better for you or your market if necessary. 


- Retail Price per ( 12ml ) Bottle : ( 30 CAD ) 

    Talisman Perfume Oils® Perfect for :
    Gym bag, Car, or whenever you need to freshen up quickly. They also make an EXCELLENT gifts!

    Start making huge profits selling Talisman Perfume Oils®

    You can start today!  Sell Talisman Perfume Oils® to your friends, co-workers, family, to anyone.  The personal fragrance market has expanded into a multi-billion dollar business and a large share of that market is concentrated on individual re-sellers like yourself.  For a small investment you can get into this highly profitable business and start making more money right away.

    In this section we will give you ideas on selling these high demand products and the incredible profits you can make while doing it.
    The key to success in this business is the quality of the product.  I cannot stress this enough. High quality cosmetic grade Perfume oils will last all day and designer types will have the same scent as their expensive counterparts.  This is what brings repeat business and this is the quality of Talisman Perfume oils you will get from us.

    Selection is also very important - we carry over 3700 of the most popular designer type and traditional fragrances.

    The more available fragrances you have the more likely you will make the sale.  And let's face it, we're all in business to make sales.  When first deciding what fragrances you should carry, remember that it may cost you a little more in the beginning (unless you have a big-enough budget) to get going. 


    It is more important to have the largest selection possible than buying all 1lb bottles of oil just to save the most money.  You can't make a sale to a customer who is looking for "Egyptian Musk" if you only have "Musk."  You WILL lose the sale and you'll make less money.  Selection & Quality is everything! 

    There are two ways you can get into this business.  Either buying the oils in bulk 1/2lb, 1lb or more and filling and labeling your own 1 dram, 1/3oz roll-on, 1/2oz or 1oz bottles. The other way which is easier and much less time consuming is to purchase the product pre-filled and labelled.  Since the 1/3oz roll-on bottle is by far the most popular size with both sellers and consumers, we offer this size in the pre-filled product ..... so you can easily make from 285% to 571% profit!  The other advantage to this method is it saves a lot on inventory and the space required for the filling operation.  


    If you are just looking for a way to make a little extra money every month, then the best option is to sell to friends and co-workers.  We have many distributors who just take the fragrance list and get orders from their friends & co-workers and then place all the orders together and make a profit for themselves.  This method allows for carrying minimal inventory... just a few samples to let people see the high quality of the product.  Subsequent orders are almost guaranteed because once people are introduced to these great fragrances they enjoy the product so much they will be a customer for years to come!


    Flea markets and swap meets are a fantastic way to make a lot of sales on the weekend.  Take 1, 2 or more of our complete Starter packages with point of sale displays and watch the $$$'s come in.  If you are already a vendor at a market, this would make a great add-on product.  Many vendors do extremely well with this as a stand alone product.  If you don't want to become a vendor yourself, you can always find an existing vendor who would be happy to take on a quick turnover, high profit product.  You just add a small margin to your cost and become a supplier.


    If you already operate one of these business, this is a great add-on product for you.  Minimal investment and great returns.  The other option is to become a supplier to businesses like this.  If you have a small bit of investment capital, the easiest way to get in the door is to offer the complete set-up on consignment.  You place the display and each week or month depending on volume you come around and re-fill the display collecting for the sold items.

    So you see there is a great deal of money to be made with Talisman Perfume Oils.  And you too can start your own personal business with very little capital.  If you would like more information on this subject or have questions about anything, please feel free to email: info@talismanperfumeoils.com or call us

    514 . 430 . 0111

    Selling Talisman Perfume Oils® is a very profitable business...what are you waiting for?

    Talisman Perfume Oils® includes :
    No alcohol , No ethanol , No water , No animal products & No Paraben

    Talisman Perfume Oils® | Luxury Perfume Oils | Worldwide Collection 
    Talisman Perfume Oils® are simulations of the original fragrances ,The names are for descriptive purpose.

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