Oud Sharqia - Linen Spray - 250ML - Talisman Perfume Oils®

Oud Sharqia - Linen Spray - 250ML

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Oud Sharqia - Linen Spray - 250ML


Room and Fabric Freshener is a high-quality water-based scent made with a secret blend of essential oils. Developed to effectively overcome unpleasant smell and odour. Can be used on curtains, carpets, Bed, clothes while ironing and hands after meals.

Oud Sharqia is filled in an exclusive, depicting strength of this lingering scent, Oudh which yields earthy, woody notes is composed of the premium quality with modern developments.

Oud Sharqia  is an Oriental fragrance for women and men. Top notes are agarwood (oud), cinnamon and nutmeg; middle notes are jasmine and sandalwood; base notes are musk, vanilla, guaiac wood, amber 

    Note: These perfumes have all been imported from the Far East and have a great smell as well as great looks, thus making them perfect presents.

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