Ahlam Al Arab - Eau de Parfum - 20ML - Talisman Perfume Oils®
Ahlam Al Arab - Eau de Parfum - 20ML - Talisman Perfume Oils®

Ahlam Al Arab - Eau de Parfum - 20ML

Talisman Perfume Oils®
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Ahlam Al Arab - Eau de Parfum - 20ML


A soft, fresh citrus fruit fruity.

The initial notes of the bright fragrant peach and white grapes play and sparkle against the background of lemon peel and fragrant, fresh lime. The overall cheerful, optimistic orientation of the composition is emphasized in the medium notes by the aroma of freshly ground pink pepper, the spicy acuteness of cardamom and nutmeg, the delicate smoky, astringent bergamot, deliciously fresh, green, with citrus notes a sonorous vetiver.

Transparent, pure cedar in the heart of the fragrance softens and acquires a sweet depth thanks to musk.

Very beautiful, complex, and at the same time easily and joyfully perceived flavor. A man in Ahlam Al Arab is a cheerful, sincere, happy person who generously charges others with his energy and optimism!

Fragrance Notes:

Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender, Cardamom, Jasmine, Rose, Vetiver, Cedar

Note: These perfumes have all been imported from the Far East and have a great smell as well as great looks, thus making them perfect presents.

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